The Closet Clandestine:

a queer steps out

Poetry by Edward C. Patterson

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The Closet Clandestine Reviewed by Carol Morris (U.K.)

The Closet Clandestine: a queer steps out, a book of poems by Edward C Patterson, is an amazing collection of poems and verse. I found it both heart warming and inspiring! I found that I was brought to tears by Ties and Rings, and warmed by In My Heart there Lives a Dream. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of good poetry!!

Carol Morris

The Closet Clandestine Reviewed by L. Adlem of Rainbow Reviews

I read poetry by "dipping" - the book lies by my bed, and I dip at random, reading one, maybe two before bed. In this way the pleasure is extended, it can take months to read through a volume. Poetry should not be rushed.

I enjoyed this volume of poetry. For one, the layout is to my taste, lots of white, open space, to leave room for thought. Another thing I enjoyed seeing was the development of the poet, from being 'in the closet' in The Awakening, to being 'out, and proud of it' in Songs: Not just Survival. There is a progression; the poet shares his life and moments.

The poems are well crafted, it is clear that thought and love and much work went into the work. I plan to keep the volume by my bed.

Read it, savor it.

"Never leave me boatman, even when I reach the new land,
The land beyond the closet door.
Confessional flies open; and I leap out,
Out before my God, who tells me more of love than I have ever known;
Out before the others He created,
Not to question why?
But to sing the lamplighter’s song."

Review by L. Adlem

Review By Lily Mackay

A gift for expression

This review is from: The Closet Clandestine: a queer steps out (Paperback)
Since time immemorial, people have turned to poetry to record their experiences of the world. In "The Closet Clandestine: A Queer Steps Out," a collection of seven shorter works, Edward C. Patterson has added his unique voice to the mix.

The book covers the gamut of his experiences, both as a gay man ("I'm Out" and "Not Just Survival"), and as a sensitive observer of the world around him ("Winter Reigns" and "Roberta"). He even has a bit of fun with the whole idea of poetry ("A Verse Perverse")

This is not a children's book as the subject matter and words in many of the poems are for more mature audiences, but for the person, whether gay or straight, who is interested in understanding how one gay man views the world, this book is a treat.