The Dragon's Pool

Novel by Edward C. Patterson
ISBN: 1-44217099-9

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Patterson sustains the magic

We rejoin the China hands, plus their extended family (some spread across the dimension of time), as they seek to complete an ancient ritual before it is too late. Their enemies, more devious than ever, are determined to undermine them. Will they make it? Another volume of adventure and fantasy for those who don't like fantasy by this talented writer.

Libby Cone

Review from Rainbow Reviews


The Dragon's Pool continues the riveting tales begun in the first two volumes of this exciting paranormal/intersexual series. With Rowden Gray settled into the coveted position of Curator-General of the San Francisco Museum of East Asian Arts and Culture, married to his beloved Audrey and father of a toddler daughter and a new child due soon, life is sweet and often serene. The Jade Owl has been hidden away ~ far, far, away from Nick Battle, son and cultural heir of the famous "Old China Hand" John Battle, whose artifact collection the Museum houses-but the Jade Owl is not the only supernatural entity about to disturb the peace of the Museum and of Rowden, his family, and friends.

Each preceding volume of Edward C. Patterson's extensive series The Jade Owl Legacy has been a marvel of convoluted plotting, supernatural venue, finely delineated characterization, and heartwarming romance, love, and attachment, set in the subcultures of archaeology and the gay community of San Francisco. The series records a paranormal legacy stretching from ancient China to contemporary San Francisco and back across the oceans to China today, with characters who each elicit the reader's empathy as their lives unfold, and unusual and unexpected events run the gamut of the supernatural continuum of probabilities. This reviewer enjoyed particularly both the paranormal excursions and Mr. Patterson's cleverly delineated revelations of San Francisco's multi-layered gay subculture. In any event, as with the two preceding entries in The Jade Owl Legacy series, The Dragon's Pool is another not-to-be-missed novel from accomplished and prolific author Edward C. Patterson.


The book continues the saga of the Chi' t'ang and their new friends as they explore the mystery of the Dragon's pool at great peril to themselves. The Chi' t'ang has powerful gifts that include (glimmering, telepathy, levitation and more) not to mention time travel, to confound their enemies and get them out of trouble at times.

Exciting, absorbing and well told. I give it 5 stars. And I'm not a fan of fantasy.

Barsha Mahoney (Stoneham , MA)

Another amazing sequel to The Jade Owl

Review by Ellen george " (Atlanta, Georgia USA)

The Dragon's Pool is the third in a masterful series by Edward C. Patterson. He is a Sinologist extraordinairre. In The Jade Owl, we meet most of our protagonists in San Francisco, Nick Battle, and his life-partner, Simon/Simone, Rowden Gray, and the rest of the 'China Hands' that include some of the best sinologists all interweaved in the history of China and the current study of China. The Third Peregrination, Owl's sequel takes us back to China and the China Hands once again, astound us with their courage, heart, and the magic and power that is an integral part of this series -
Now we have The Dragon's Pool...and although our favorite folks don't make it to China until over half of the book, the web of the story is gracefully spun by Edward C. Patterson, using the old and new characters to create a situation that must take our friends back to China to once again repair a tear in time, and rescue two innocents.

Those whom were thought 'family' friends are not, and mean evil to the China Hands. Those who were rescued, come forth into the most amazing book of the series to date.

Comets, dragons, oh yes, I said dragons, and the mystery that is Nick Battle that never fails to amaze, come into play.
The end of The Dragon's Pool is one of the most spectacular I have ever read and couldn't have even imagined, but not only is amazing, but shows love, hope and one hopes Mr. Patterson is writing book 4 of this wonderful series as fast as he can.

Mr. Patterson is a writer who knows his subject matter like no other, and he literally brings you with him in this wild ride of a series.
My words cannot do this series justice - it needs to be experienced.
In this instance - I would definitely suggest starting with The Jade Owl first, then The Third Peregrination, etc.
Edward C. Patterson also has a companion-like series starting with The Academician - The Southern Swallow - book 1 - that gives backstory to the series, but can stand alone.

This is one talented writer. These are long books that as you read, will wish they were 100 pages longer - lightening fast action and characters you come to love as your own, and even great bad guys.
Long live the China Hands!!!

Review by Janc

Ed I love this whole series and look forward to the last two books. Any idea when they will be available?

I am thrilled to hear The Academician is part of the Jade Owl story line. I have it in my TBR file and will now move it to the top of the list. Thank you for clarifying how all of this ties together. Right before the last one comes out I want to read the whole series again so the characters are fresh.

Review by Todd A. Fonseca (Minneapolis, MN)

The China Hands Reconnoiter

After saving the world and fulfilling the warrants in The Third Peregrination (Book 2 of the Jade Owl Legacy Series), Rowden Gray welcomes a more traditional domestic life. Expecting his second child and preparing for a new display as curator at the museum, all seems well. Yet Rowden's dreams foretell a future adventure and he wonders why it is the gifts of telekinesis and telepathy bestowed upon him by the now silent artifacts remain. For Nick Battle however, these are more than just questions but a curse. Blessed with similar gifts, Nick dons a mask and cape living out his nights as a vigilante attempting to right the worlds wrongs one incident at a time. Around the world, the other China Hands are once again inexplicably drawn to one another to not only save loved ones from the clutches of time but complete a new warrant involving an even greater power than they had previously encountered or expected.

In this third installment of the Jade Owl Legacy, Edward C. Patterson once again delivers on an intriguing fantasy. Whereas the first two books focus around the relics which drive much of the story, this book takes a moment to fill in the back story for the main characters. Patterson weaves a complex and detailed tapestry of families, legend, history, destiny, politics, love interests, and conspiracy all with an international flair including the requisite destinations of San Francisco and China with substantial time also dedicated to Italy. This book brings back some of the strongest characters from the first book including Nick's partner Simone and many of the others who were either not mentioned or had small parts in the second offering. As usual, Patterson's descriptions, characters, and cadence bring great texture to a very unusual, educational, and engaging story.

While the first two books could likely be read independently, I think this book is best enjoyed if the previous books are read first. Also, a companion series (the Southern Swallow Series) provides readers with additional information explaining the origins of the relics and the references to the key characters referenced throughout the Jade Owl Series.

Patterson has truly created an expansive and epic series with the Jade Owl Legacy. Though all warrants appear closed at the end of this installment, Patterson throws in a unexpected twist at the end leaving the door open for the next adventure.