The People's Treasure

Novel by Edward C. Patterson

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*****My favorite of the series, besides The Jade Owl November 8, 2010
By ellen VINE™ VOICE

Edward C. Patterson is one of my favorite authors. Not only in his prolific writing and varied subject books, but for my favorite series, The Jade Owl series.

I must tell you, if you delve into this series, it is a commitment. Each of the four books in print and Kindle are over 600 pages. But reading each book will keep you up late into the night reading and marveling the imagination and magic and knowledge Patterson has.

The People's Treasure takes up with Rose still in New York with the banners they China Hands have found, to be in a major exhibit, and all of the characters are taken back when the predictions that three ladies tell of the prophecy that the People's Treasure will be found to redeem the promise the Jade Owl started - to awaken the living and the dead.

My favorite character Nicky Battle is still stuck in somewhere and perhaps can be resurrected if the right combination of China relics can be created.

That little green Owl is still hooting and seems to be directing the show, both in present as well as past, and it becomes apparent the gang Rowdy, Rose, Simone, the Dragon Riders, etc. have to go back and try to get the missing coin that will fill the mystery and try to get Nicky back.

In China, Sydney Firestone, with his wife and child, are holding their family's area as safely as they can, but something strange is happening to Sydney...and Nicky Firestone, Sydney's son, seems to want to join his father in the adventure, and he's a newcomer to watch!

The Triangulations, or images used from the ancient relics with the ancient banners, are the most spectacular of the entire series. To read those passages many times for me will not lesson their power.

A very poignant moment between Simone and Nicky Battle (?) is also amazing.

The only negative I will tell you is as I have already noted, each book is over 600 pages and not fast reading, but fabulous reading.

Mr. Patterson knows his Chinese history, being a sinologist, and he gives us rich descriptions of modern and ancient China.

I suggest you start with The Jade Owl, where we meet all the major players, but The People's Treasure is not only the treasures offered, but the reading itself.


I am still typing my first novel, and here is Book Four of The Jade Owl Series (aside from his other books) - tells you something about the difference between a student and a true author.
Ed Patterson is an author's author.

You will be woven into the tapestry of the story from page 1 of the books.

****Ushering In World's End... January 2, 2011
By Todd A. Fonseca VINE™ VOICE

Having believed Nick Battle to be lost forever in The Dragon's Pool, the china hands from Italy, China, New York and San Francisco find themselves inextricably brought together after experiencing separate supernatural events. Is it possible to repair Nick's fractured chi and bring him back to the mortal world or will their actions instead usher in the end of the world? Conflicting warrants and logic versus loyalty battle it out in this fourth installment in Edward Patterson's epic Jade Owl series.

In The People's Treasure Patterson's engaging style and unique voice once more entertains readers with this fantasy series. Weaving together important questions of the human condition - learning to live with loss, doing what feels right versus what might seem logical, putting family first, following a higher calling - along with an epic fantasy involving supernatural relics, this tome moves along quickly holding the readers interest.

Parallel stories between Rowden Gray's American team and the Chen family's fall from grace in China eventually converge. The concluding battle for the future of the world and Nick's soul sets up the final installment in the series Under Her Hem. Fans of the Jade Owl Legacy will find this a must read.