Come, Wewoka

and the Diary of Medicine Flower

Poetry by Edward C. Patterson

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Come, Wewoka reviewed by Gregory Bernard Banks, author of Phoenix Tales and The Summoner

Poetry of inspiration and depth

One of the greatest tragedies of our American History, and of the history of our world is the abomination that led to the Trail of Tears of 1831. The devastation that occurred due to the forced relocation of entire nations from their homelands due to the greed of the American government still lingers today within the Five Civilized Tribes who were the victims of this action, and many of Edward Patterson's poetry in this dual collection deals with those after effects, and expresses the anguish, anger, and frustrations that continue to haunt his people almost 200 years later.

In addition to the poems of "Come, Wewoka,", Patterson shares much of his personal life through the prose poetry of "Diary of Medicine Flower". These poems, as personally insightful as the others, are more focused not on the impact of the Trail of Tears on his people as the life he's led and the trials and tribulations which he's faced and overcome.

This collection reflects what I believe to be poetry at its best, poetry which gives us a peek into the heart of the human soul from which we come away feeling a little more enlightened.

This is a poetry collection that every lover of great literature should find moving.

Gregory Bernard Banks, author, reader, reviewer

Come, Wewoka reviewed by Sondi Miller author of Mother Ghoul's Curses and Rhymes

Come, Wewoka

I was moved by this inspirational retelling of a historical disaster.

Once started I could not set down the poems of tragedy and conveyance of a People so oppressed and degraded. It made my heart sad to think My people (both white and native american) had brought this to pass.

Touching in its intensity the author has brought life to a past era and shared a side of the story seldom heard.

Thank you for sharing thoughts, stories and passion of an age gone by but hopefully not forgotten for its impact on humanity.

I highly recommend this book to all.

Sondi Miller